Milan M240 Scientific Calculator Review 2022

If you are looking for the best scientific calculator for high school or enterance tests, the Milan M240 is a good option. We leave brands like HP or Casio and we find a successful model, available in many colors and easy to use. The screen may be a bit small, but we probably won’t need anything else. In this detailed Garmin Instinct 2 review, we will try to bring you every info about the best rated scientific calculator. 

Milan M240 Scientific Calculator Review

The Milan M240 is NOT a programmable calculator. It has a reasonable price that is usually not more than $15. Many times it can be found below $10 depending on the color of the model.

We are going to discover all its functions, manufacturing quality and everything in this Garmin Instinct 2 review. Don’t miss the analysis.

We have tested the model M240 Sunset series in turquoise and lilac.

Who does this model compete against? Well, against the scientific calculators Casio Classwiz fx-82SP X II Iberia and fx-85SP X II Iberia or against the HP 10s+. The HP 300s+ or Casio fx-991SP X II Iberia and fx-570SP X II Iberia models have many more features and are somewhat more advanced.

Design, Features, and Build

Milan M240 scientific calculator: characteristics, design and manufacture


  • Display with 2 reading lines, 10+2 digits.
  • Display of expression and result simultaneously.
  • 240 built-in functions, including 124 scientific.
  • Trigonometric functions, parabolic and hyperbolic functions and calculation of up to 6 different regression types; memory for storage of averages.
  • Automatic calculation of fractions, cursor keys to scroll through the menus
  • Structuring of parentheses up to 24 levels, memory to store variables, calculations in centesimal, sexagesimal and arc measure.
  • Mutual conversion between rectangular coordinates and polar coordinates, mutual conversion between decimal and sexagesimal systems, random value generator
  • Percentages, fractions, combinations, permutations, statistical calculations, large keys with structured layout, SCI/FIX/ENG notation functions, sum formation.
  • Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • With transparent case.
  • Medidas: 16.7 x 8.4 x 1.9 cm
  • 280 gram weight
  • Instructions

The calculator from the Spanish company Milan comes in a hard plastic blister along with its transparent case and instruction booklet in several languages.

Milan M240 Scientific Calculator

This calculator can be purchased in many colors, but also completely in black or white. You can choose from a nice color scheme or stick with something simpler. Possibly, it is its biggest attraction for teenagers. It draws quite a lot of attention. In the review we have tried the Sunset model in turquoise and lilac.

The transparent case slides perfectly into the calculator, something that does not happen in the HP 10s+. Both models have the same screen dimensions.

On the front we are going to find several well-differentiated areas of buttons. In the first row the typical SHIFT, ALPHA, MODE, ON buttons along with the cursors, which are of a good size. All in white.

Then we have an area with green buttons and white digits with all the functions and access to memories.

Finally, we come to the area of ​​the numeric keyboard and basic mathematical functions. The keys are large this section. DEL and AC are in yellow with digits in green. They don’t look very good (compare with Casio’s model):

hp 10s+ vs milan m240 vs casio fx-85sp-x-ii Iberia

The two-digit display looks a bit small when compared to the Casio fx-82SP X II Iberia and fx-85SP X II Iberia models. The key layout is very similar to that of these Casio calculators, so we’re not going to have a problem using it. It is the same size. But it is bigger than the HP 10s+. It lacks the solar charge compared to these HP and Casio models (fx-85SP X II Iberia).

milan m240 vs casio fx-85sp-x-ii Iberia

The display of digits on the screen is good , but we like the size and screen resolution of the Casio model (in general). The result looks bigger in the Milan calculator, but the set of operations and result that we obtain convinces us more in the Casio model.

On the back we see the AAA battery compartment in the upper area (with screw). And just below, the hole to reset the calculator : you just have to insert the tip of a narrow pen for a few seconds to reset the calculator.

Milan M240 Scientific Calculator - Rear

We can remove the screws from the back and access the inside of the calculator. At the 4 ends we have 4 protrusions to support the calculator on the table.

The calculator is made of plastic of different colors. In the upper right corner we have a pin to hang things.

How Milan M240 Works?

As always, it is recommended to download the Milan M240 manual to know what we are doing.

When you turn on the calculator you notice that the keys have sound . Maybe not the best option to use in class or on a test. The sound of the keys is not very loud, but it is better to remove it, right? To turn off this option we have to press SHIFT and 3 (button with the horn).

The first line of the calculator can display 12 characters simultaneously. But you can enter up to 79 characters for a single calculation.

Milan M240 scientific calculator: 2-line display

As always, a small line on the screen at the top will indicate the different ways of using the calculator.

Calculation Modes

  • Basic arithmetic calculations: MODE + 1
  • Statistical calculations: MODE + 2
  • Regression calculations: MODE + 3

With the cursors you will be able to move through the data on the screen and delete them with the DEL key. You can also insert data by pressing SHIFT and DEL.

You can also create multi-instructions with the colon. It will first calculate the data of the first operation and then the data of the second.

This best scientific calculator for students also allows you to adjust the number of decimal places with the MODE key (screen with Fix – Sci and Norm): (1) Number of decimal places, (2) Number of significant digits and (3) Exponential representation format.

You can also change the angular unit with MODE: (1) Deg, (2) Rad and (3) Gra.

The design is intuitive and you will not have problems with it if you have already used a Casio model. They are very similar.

eye! It only has 240 functions compared to the 274 of the Casio calculators that we discussed. The HP 10S+ also has 240 features.

Conclusion: Is Milan M240 Scientific Calculator Worth A Buy?

The main claim of this model compared to the better known Casio FX-82SPXII Iberia (without solar charge) or FX-85SPXII Iberia (with solar charge) is that its price is lower and that it has a very colorful design.

Its operation is very similar. It has large keys and everything is very well laid out. The contrast of keys and digits is good in this model, but in others it looks worse (functions with SHIFT). The screen is smaller than those offered by Casio models and similar to the HP 10S+ calculator.

Its case slides very well and the calculator has a good grip. Interesting that it has a pin in the right corner to hang things. It is aimed at a teenage audience. Perfect for high school and EvAU. For technical races it is better to take a Casio or HP model with more functions.

If it had a solar panel it would be perfect, but if the battery runs out you only have to replace the two AAA batteries. We all have at home, right? The manual comes with many examples and it will make life much easier for us to learn how to use it correctly. Hope you like this Garmin Instinct 2 review!

  • Very cheap
  • Excellent design: very colorful and with a pin in the right corner.
  • Good keys: great size. Good contrast overall.
  • Good instruction manual with many examples.
  • It is used for EvAU exams (selectivity). It is not programmable.
  • No sun charging.
  • “Only” 240 performances (perfect for high school)
  • The screen is somewhat small but sufficient.
  • Sound keys (can be removed)

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